Умер Neil Smith

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Умер Neil Smith

Сообщение harrier » 07 апр 2013, 19:15

Сегодня ранним утром 7 апреля 2013 года от рака умер Нил Смит (Neil Smith) - один из первых бассистов, игравший в группе в 1974 году. Также он был участником Rose Tattoo.

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Re: Умер Neil Smith

Сообщение YURA_HIGHVOLTAGE » 12 апр 2013, 04:48

Читал об этом на ac-dc.net:
Former AC/DC Bassist Neil Smith Dies
07 Apr. 2013

Neil Smith, who played bass with AC/DC from February to April 1974, died yesterday following a long battle with cancer. Neil later played with Rose Tattoo in 1979. The following message was posted on his Facebook page:

"Neil Smith passed away in the early hours of the morning, Sunday the 7th of April 2013. He was sleeping peacefully and surrounded by family.

Neil is now in peace and is no longer battling with cancer.

There is not a person out there who has met him and not felt like their lives were better for the experience. He was a loving and devoted father, a loyal friend and all round generous person. He was larger than life, and his passing will be felt.

Thanks to all his friends for their support and love, especially during the final stages of his life."
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