Phil Rudd Band 2017-04-02 Belsepub, Gothenburg, Sweden

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Phil Rudd Band 2017-04-02 Belsepub, Gothenburg, Sweden

Сообщение Leeroy Kincaid » 06 апр 2017, 13:38

Phil Rudd Band - Live at Belsepub, Gothenburg Sweden 2017-04-02
Former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd with his band playing a small pub/rock club
in front of 100+ people promoting their new album + playing 2 AC/DC covers.

01) the otherside
02) when i get my hands on you
03) lost in america
04) sun goes down
05) crazy
06) shot down in flames (some mic. problems)
07) repo man
08) no right
09) head job
10) rock n roll damnation
11) forty days

total running time approx 47:54 min.
a KK Master recording done with Olympus LS-10 + Marantz EM-8. ... ?id=588459
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